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About Triple X Token

The Triple X Token was developed with a vision and purpose to serve members who choose to join the journey of building wealth and to connect with thought leaders and innovators that are serious about financial freedom, and community. Simply put, our mission is to address the growing wealth gap in our country by eliminating the barriers to building wealth. This essentially implies gaining access. Opportunity, information, and finance are all available. It truly is that simple. Wall Street and the broader financial services industrial complex make it extremely difficult for the majority of us to obtain an early-stage opportunity (with the best returns) or funds to support an idea or an investment. As a result, we are effectively forced to bet on chances we discover on our own or borrow money with no support.

Secure Platform

Triple X is a secure platform where all your assets are secured and protected built and maintained to the highest security practices to ensure our users and their funds are always protected. We provide private and secure proprietary technology applications

Our Future Goals

Our objective is to build a platform that welcomes new members to our community with unique features not seen on other platforms and encourages them to contribute in a variety of ways to earn rewards. To build an ecosystem in which many social solutions, including collaborative applications, can arise. We create an environment in which technology is utilised to assign true ownership of things in the actual world.


  • Metaverse
  • Mobile App
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Payment Gateway (Triple X Credit Card)
  • Token Launchpad

Vision of Triple X

The vision and future of Triple X is to transform the landscape of business development for entrepreneurs worldwide through blockchain technology, smart contracts, and digital currencies through the Triple X unique financial services marketplace. Our vison consists of creating a safe & secure platform for facilitating decentralized financing, credit, and investment opportunities. We envision building an ecosystem that is a decentralized financial system that can only be created by appropriately managing people's forex trading value, ownership, and reputation. Triple x is going to establish an ecosystem to raise your asset value as tokens become scarce. With Triple x, we try to develop an ecosystem built on strong monetary regulations with a robust and decentralized foundation, which users should expect.


  • To create an ecosystem where different solutions can emerge from a social perspective, including collaborative applications.

  • We are providing the atmosphere where the technology is used to allocate authentic ownership of assets in forex trading.

  • To ensure users own personal data, which will significantly reduce the current data leaks via centralized financial systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring forth advanced financial literacy education, training, and empowerment to communities nationwide. We aim to create job opportunities, business opportunities, and investment opportunities for those struggling to make ends meet and for those that desire financial freedom. Technological advancements in the means of production are the driving force behind the changes in the prevailing system of socioeconomic relations. Feudalism was transformed into capitalism as a result of such advancements. While man obtained physical freedom, the financial freedom remained under the control of the centralized authority. A deep level of collaboration is required to attain the next level of productivity provided by new technological advancements.

Why Triple X ?

Triple X Token is unique due to its potential characteristics of security, anonymity, transparency, blockchain technology, peer-to-peer trading, and an NFT marketplace. We built a platform to connect individuals. Triple X Token is different because of its potential features of security, built and maintained to the highest security practices to ensure our users and their funds are always protected on the decentralized exchange with its encrypted communication platform.

Token Details

Token Name:   Triple X Token

Symbol:   TXT

Max Supply:   500 million

Network:   Binance

Decimals:   9

Token Address:   0xFE7D984A932CA92FE6b05704bd17504100FBAA4B

Token Name:   Triple X Eco

Symbol:   TXE

Max Supply:   500 million

Network:   Binance

Decimals:   9

Token Address:   0xFFAa61a4452f54D448A69a73411E523D447226F1


70% Liquidity

30% Developement and Marketing


Phase 1 - Token Presale and building community

Phase 2 - Token listing on major exchanges

Phase 3 - Go live of NFT marketplace, Metaverse and Token Launchpad