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NFT Marketplace


An NFT marketplace is a digital platform for buying and selling NFTs. This platform allows you to store and display your NFTs plus sell them to others for cryptocurrency or money. Triple X Eco (TXE) token can be used as a means of payment in our NFT marketplace.






The metaverse is a system of interconnected, realistic virtual worlds where users can interact with one other, make and play games, work, and shop. The metaverse can be compared to cyberspace or an advanced, three-dimensional internet where logging in is not required. It might also include aspects of augmented and virtual reality. Triple X Eco (TXE) token will be used as a means of payment in our metaverse game.



Token Launchpad


Launching through our crypto launchpad can help to provide a level of legitimacy and credibility to your project. The launchpad will give investors crucial information about your project once it has been chosen for a token sale, such as the price and launch date of the token sale, as well as specifics about the project's underlying technology and business model. The tokens are delivered to investors via the blockchain in a transparent and traceable manner, after which they can buy them during the sale.

Do not forget to add Triple X Token (TXT) and Triple X Eco (TXE) to your wallet!

How to add a token to your Metamask

How to add a token to your Trustwallet




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